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ALOWALO EVERYONE! So, for today’s #Alowticle we’re going to share with you about many kinds of shirts that are usually worn everyday and you can get it from Alowalo with great fabric and 100% comfortable to wear in every occasion. What are those?

1.Basic T-shirt

This is a must have item in your wardrobe! Trust Alowalo! From the history side, the ‘T’ was named after our upper body shape (gazman.com). Basic T-shirt is usually worn for casual and general occasions but you can wear it for a formal one with specific layering since it’s a ‘basic’ wear. 

Basic T-shirt is usually made from breathable and kinda thin fabric to make sure. You can wear Basic T-shirt like literally everywhere, a party, casual dinner, mall, even working out to get some sweats! 




2.Oversized T-shirt 

Loose shirt? NO! We call it Oversized! For this kind of shirt, you’ll get a kind-of-loose-shirt look. A lot of people wear this kind of shirt nowadays because it will give you a firm-looking-shape-body for men and a cute look-like-you-are-wearing-your-boyfriend’s-shirt for women. Besides that, an Oversized T-shirt also provides you with a breathable sensation because of the ‘big’ cutting than fitted-shirt. Combine it with tight bottom and high platform shoes or loafer and you’re good to go!



3.Dolman Shirt

Girls get on your phone and buy this Shirt for sure! Dolman shirt is an 80's style that came back this year as a ‘MUST HAVE’ item for women. Designed with wide cutting on the sleeves, and drop shoulder look to give more looseness and doesn't cling to your body. Match it with a great pair of shorts with cute flops or sneakers or tight bottoms such as leggings or skirt and heels for a more formal-casual look to be worn everyday.